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Favorite Breakfast Foods in Brazil

cup of coffee with magazine and fresh flowers

In America, we love a big breakfast with eggs, potatoes, pancakes, and bacon. When we’re in a hurry, we tend to load up on starch with glazed donuts, muffins, or a bagel with cream cheese.

In Brazil, breakfast is usually on the lighter side. Lunch is a much heartier meal, so most Brazilians stick with coffee and a small plate. The name for breakfast is, in fact, café da manhã, which translates to “morning coffee.” The food you eat might change, but coffee in some form is essential.

Top 5 Brazilian Breakfast Foods

1. Pingado with French Bread

A favorite breakfast in Brazil is pingado with french bread or rolls. Pingado is a beverage made with steamed milk and just a splash of coffee. It can be plain or sweetened with sugar. It is paired with a warm baguette from the bakery, smeared with plenty of butter. 

Brazilian pingado drink with french bread
Pingado is traditionally served in a glass cup instead of a mug.

2. Acai na Tigela (Brazilian Acai Bowl)

Brazilians love fruit, so smoothies are also a popular breakfast item. A national favorite is made from frozen acai berries blended with guarana syrup. The smoothie mixture is served in a bowl with granola and fresh fruits, like strawberries and sliced banana. 

acai bowl with granola, strawberries, and banana
Acai is native to Brazil’s tropical rainforest.

3. Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo) With Deli Meat

Pao de queijo is a light and chewy puff made from tapioca starch and mozzarella or parmesan cheese. It is a very popular breakfast food that Brazilians like to eat plain or with slices of cured meat and cheese. You can also find stuffed Brazilian cheese breads, with fillings like spiced sausage or dulce de leche. All are gluten-free, bite-sized, and delicious.

Brazilian cheese bread on tray with coffee
Brazilian cheese bread can be eaten plain or stuffed with delicious fillings.

4. Bolo de Fuba (Brazilian Cornmeal Cake)

Brazilians love cake for breakfast! Pound cake and coffee cake are common, but a quintessential Brazilian breakfast cake is the bolo de fuba. This cake is made with finely ground cornmeal and traditionally served in a bundt shape. Some variations use coconut milk for a denser crumb. It can be topped off with powdered sugar, fresh fruit, or a drizzle of dulce de leche. 

Brazilian cornmeal cake with a slice missing
Bolo de fuba is made from cornmeal and buttermilk or coconut milk.

5. Brazilian Tapioca Crepes

These “crepes” are often simply referred to as tapioca and are made from just cassava flour and water. The mixture is lightly fried in a pan to form the crepe, which is then filled with things like coconut and condensed milk, melted cheese, or chocolate and bananas. 

Brazilian crepe made from tapioca flour on a plate
Brazilian crepes are made from just two ingredients: tapioca and water.

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