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Christmas in Brazil

2022 Nov 28

Like many parts of the world, Christmas in Brazil is a time dedicated to being with family, reflecting on the past year, and enjoying good food. There are a few traditions that are distinctly Brazilian, however. Let’s discover how Brazilians celebrate Christmas.  Brazilian Christmas Traditions Midnight Mass As a predominantly Catholic nation, those who observe […]

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Cheesy Rice Casserole (Arroz de Forno)

2022 Nov 21

This time of year has many of us craving comfort food. When the cold weather hits, we look to roasts, stews, and casseroles to get us through the long winter days. Today’s recipe is a delicious spin on American cheesy rice casserole, known in Brazil as Arroz de Forno (“oven rice”). The one pot dish […]

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Burgundy Mushrooms

2022 Nov 14

In our spin on Burgundy mushrooms, white button mushrooms are slow-simmered in butter, herbs, garlic, and red wine for a delicious accompaniment to your next churrasco dinner. Pair them with steakhouse style garlic mashed potatoes or simple Brazilian cheese bread for a truly unforgettable meal.  Burgundy mushrooms are named after Bourgogne, a region in France […]

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Brazilian Stroganoff (Estrogonofe de Carne)

2022 Nov 07

Beef stroganoff is a hearty and filling dish we often associate with Eastern Europe, especially Russia. Browned beef is stewed in a mustard sauce and served with sour cream and egg noodles for a quintessential wintertime dish. A version of beef stroganoff, or estrogonofe de carne, is quite popular in Brazil. This is not surprising, […]

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