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Brazilian Style Picadillo (Ensopado de Carne Moida)

2022 Aug 08

Traditionally, picadillo is a ground beef stew popular in Latin America, especially Cuba and Mexico. It is also eaten in the Philippines and parts of the Caribbean. The exact ingredients vary slightly depending on the region, but most versions incorporate a base of ground beef, tomatoes, or tomato sauce. In Brazil, picadillo is referred to […]

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Brazilian Breadsticks (Biscoito de Polvilho)

2022 Aug 03

Tapioca starch is a very popular ingredient in Brazil, where it is often substituted in recipes that would otherwise call for wheat flour. The result is that many of Brazil’s “breads” are naturally gluten free, while still offering a similar chewy texture and satisfying taste. The famous Brazilian cheese bread, for example, is made using […]

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Brazilian Style Shepherd’s Pie (Escondidinho de Frango)

2022 Jul 25

Escondidinho is popular all over Brazil as an inexpensive yet tasty comfort dish. It is, essentially, a shepherd’s pie, with a few classic Brazilian twists. The most important difference between shepherd’s pie and escondidinho is the topping: instead of the mashed potato layer of a traditional cottage pie, escondidinho substitutes whipped yuca root (or cassava).   […]

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Lebanese Brazilian Food: Fried Kibbeh

2022 Jul 19

Immigration from the Levantine Region to Brazil began in the late 19th century. The Ottoman Empire had collapsed, resulting in uncertain political and economic futures for the citizens of Lebanon and Syria. Between 1885 and 1933, over 130,000 Lebanese immigrants arrived in Brazil through the Port of Santos.  Today, over 7 million Brazilians claim Lebanese […]

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