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Brazilian Coconut Custards (Quindim)

2022 May 16

Quindim are a favorite dessert in Brazil, especially in Salvador de Bahia. They are vibrant yellow in color and have a signature shine that make for an enticing little treat. Their texture is cooling and creamy, perfect for the warm summer months.  Like many of the beautiful dishes in Bahia, quindim are a blend of […]

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Brazilian Sweet Corn Pudding (Curau de Milho)

2022 May 09

Corn Pudding from Brazil The Festas Juninas are fast approaching, and no celebration would be complete without curau. Creamy, sweet, and refreshing, this corn pudding is both delicious and very simple to make.  Like many festivals in Brazil, the Festas Juninas have their roots in Catholicism. Also known as the Festas de São João, the […]

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What Do Brazilians Eat for Breakfast?

2022 May 02

In America, we love a big breakfast with eggs, potatoes, pancakes, and bacon. When we’re in a hurry, we tend to load up on starch with glazed donuts, muffins, or a bagel with cream cheese. In Brazil, breakfast is usually on the lighter side. Lunch is a much heartier meal, so most Brazilians stick with […]

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Brazilian Cinnamon Sugar Beignets (Bolinhos de Chuva)

2022 Apr 25

There is a Brazilian version of nearly every dessert you can think of, and donuts are no exception. These bolinhos de chuva are actually closer to a Southern beignet: crisp and golden on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and rolled in a generous coating of cinnamon sugar.  Meaning of Bolinho de Chuva in English […]

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Easy Picnic Food Ideas

2022 Apr 18

Brazilian Chicken Salad (Salpicão de Frango) Brazilians love their mayonnaise, and it features heavily in a variety of dishes and dips. In the summer, salads made using mayo are an especial favorite at barbecues, potlucks, and picnics. They are cooling, but satisfying, and can be made well ahead of time.  This chicken salad recipe is […]

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Brazilian Caldo Verde Recipe (Green Soup)

2022 Apr 12

How to Make Portuguese Green Soup Caldo verde (“green soup”) is a northern Portuguese dish that is also very popular in Brazil. It is a perfect Springtime dish, being lighter but still satisfying. It gets its name from one of its primary ingredients: collard greens.  Like other dishes such as corn cakes, peanut toffee, and […]

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How to Make Brazilian Lemonade (Limonada Suiça)

2022 Apr 04

Refreshing Summer Drink with Limes and Condensed Milk Brazilian lemonade is a popular non-alcoholic drink that is sweet, tart, and frothy. Blended with ice and condensed milk, it is especially refreshing in the warmer summer months.  Brazilian lemonade is actually made with limes. In the States, we would call it a “limeade.” However, in Brazil, […]

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Brazilian Fried Bananas With Cinnamon Sugar

2022 Mar 29

Texas de Brazil Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas Fried bananas are one of the more popular side items at Texas de Brazil, and for good reason. They have all the flavor and crispy indulgence of a churro, but the added creaminess of a perfectly ripe banana. A Brazilian fried banana coated with cinnamon sugar is so delicious, […]

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Easy Yuca Fries Recipe (Aipim Frito)

2022 Mar 21

Make Aipim Frito at Home Yuca is a shrubby plant known more commonly in Brazil as manioc or cassava. It is harvested for its starchy root, which is eaten as-is or processed to form tapioca/manioc flour. After rice and maize, yuca is the largest source of carbohydrates in the Tropics.  History of Yuca Cultivation The […]

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Condensed Milk Desserts in Brazil

2022 Mar 14

3 Simple Sweet Tooth Recipes Using Condensed Milk Brazilians love their desserts, and the variety and sheer number of treats to be found can be as overwhelming and dazzling as Rio’s Carnival. Despite the variety of desserts, however, there is one, single ingredient that tends to appear more than most: condensed milk.  It is easy […]

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Creamy Brazilian Garlic Dipping Sauce

2022 Mar 09

Molho de Alho for Churrasco Molho de Alho is a favorite Brazilian garlic dipping sauce served alongside meats and occasionally on top of bread. It is especially delicious on grilled chicken or churrasco-style picanha. It is essentially a roux sauce that is thickened even further with mayonnaise and seasoned with herbs and plenty of garlic. […]

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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: The Samba School Parades

2022 Feb 28

  Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the largest in the world. Each day, 2 million people or more pack the streets to watch the parades, which feature food, music, dancing, and massive street celebrations. One of the biggest attractions of the Rio Carnival are the Samba parades. There are over 70 schools in the […]

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