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Valentine’s Day in Brazil

man with sign that says "happy valentine's day" in Portuguese

In the US, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Many of us are already researching and booking fancy restaurants to ensure the perfect romantic evening. But in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is observed in June. Brazilians have similar customs to honor a sweetheart, such as flowers and chocolates, along with a few unique traditions. Let’s take a closer look at how Brazil celebrates this holiday and a few ideas for the upcoming American version.  

Why Brazilian Valentine’s Day is in June

Valentine’s Day in Brazil takes place on June 12 for two reasons: 1) to honor Saint Anthony, a Catholic saint associated with matchmaking and prosperous marriage; and 2) because February is a time to prepare for the country’s largest and most famous celebration: Carnaval.  

In all actuality, it was one rather brilliant publicist who declared Brazilian Valentine’s Day to be on June 12. Joao Doria was hired by a clothing store in the late 1940s to come up with a strategy to boost sales. 

Inspired by enthusiasm and commercialism surrounding Brazilian Mother’s Day, Doria decided to try his hand at creating a new holiday. He chose the eve of St. Anthony’s death, likely to be more palatable to the Catholic majority, while providing Brazilians a day to celebrate love. It also conveniently aligns with the Festas Juninas, which also honor John the Baptist. 

The tactic worked quite well, and Brazilians have been celebrating their version of Valentine’s Day on June 12 ever since. Interestingly, a similar tactic was employed some years later in the establishment of Brazilian Father’s Day, an idea allegedly developed to boost a local newspaper’s sales. 

How is Valentine’s Day in Brazil Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day in Brazil is known as “Dia dos Namorados,” which means “Lovers Day.” It is celebrated in much the same way it is in the US: couples exchange tokens and enjoy a fine meal out or at home. Of course, Brazil adds its own spin with a few distinct traditions.

Simpatias for Brazilian Valentine’s Day

Singles in Brazil may also perform a little ritual to attract a sweetheart. These rituals are called simpatias, or “sympathies.” For example, a person looking for love might add a pinch of salt to a rose in water, then use the water to bathe two days later. Another common simpatia is to stash a love note in a pot of basil and give the plant to the person you wish to attract. 

There are over a hundred simpatias, but the most important element in each involves asking St. Anthony to bless you with a prosperous marriage or, at least, a beautiful romance. Some even put a little extra pressure on the saint by putting his picture upside down in a glass of water or cachaca until he sends the right person along! 

Singles Events

Being single on Valentine’s Day in Brazil can actually be a blast! Many bars and restaurants hold singles events with games, music, drinks, and more to pass the time with friends or maybe even find a new significant other. 

Festivals and Parades for Valentine’s Day in Brazil

In certain parts of Brazil, the streets are adorned with romantic decorations in preparation for parades or dedicated festivals. Food, music, and folk dancing (especially samba) are very popular. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2024

If you’re feeling the pressure for Valentine’s Day this year, you’re not alone. Many people report feeling stressed, wanting to find the perfect gift or create an unforgettable experience. Luckily, Texas de Brazil is a one-stop shop for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day: 

Texas de Brazil is a Top Date Night Restaurant

With its delicious food, unparalleled service, and vibrant atmosphere, Texas de Brazil is the perfect date night spot any time of the year, including Valentine’s Day. A perfect balance of upscale dining balanced by a warm, unpretentious vibe, a romantic evening is all but guaranteed. 

Texas de Brazil Offers Take Out

If you and your sweetheart prefer a cozy night in, you can still enjoy a delicious churrasco meal. Texas de Brazil offers takeout meals with all of your favorite meats and side dishes cooked to perfection. All you have to do is set a beautiful table and serve. 

Texas de Brazil Delivers

If you want to wow your date with your culinary skills, why not order one of our butcher boxes? Rack of lamb, spicy picanha, choice cut steaks…you really can’t go wrong with our a la carte and package options. They’re delivered right to your door–no shopping necessary. 

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Texas de Brazil even has the gift-giving aspect of Valentine’s Day covered. Our online shop has a variety of unique gifts for your person, including:

  • Aprons and oven mitts for the home cook or grill master
  • Premium golf balls and markers for the golfing enthusiast
  • A gorgeous bottle of extra virgin olive oil, made from 100% pressed Cacarena olives
  • A stainless steel 20 oz tumbler that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours
  • Gift cards in all increments for the carnivore in your life

Reserve Your Table Today

Tables fill up fast at Texas de Brazil, especially for holidays like Valentine’s Day. We recommend reserving your spot at least a couple weeks in advance, if not sooner! That being said, we are here to help you make your evening as successful as possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or details you’d like to include, give your server a head’s up or include special instructions in your reservation notes. We will do our utmost to accommodate you. Feliz Dia dos Namorados! 


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