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Father’s Day in Brazil

Father playing with two small children

Unlike the US and many other parts of the world, Father’s Day in Brazil is actually celebrated in August. Like Mother’s Day, it is not a public holiday; nevertheless, it is still celebrated nationwide with gift-giving and family activities. Read our article to learn more about how Brazilians celebrate Father’s day and why it takes place on the second Sunday in August.

Why Father’s Day is Different in Brazil

The official date for celebrating Father’s Day in Brazil was established rather recently. In the 1950s, a journalist named Roberto Marino and his colleague, Sylvio Behring, (not the jiu-jitsu expert!) named the second day in August “Dia dos Pais.” This date coincided with the feast of Saint Joachim, who is the patron saint of fathers and believed to be the biological father of the virgin Mary. This is in keeping with many of Brazil’s national holidays, which tend to align with the Catholic Christian tradition. 

Interestingly, the original Portuguese Catholics who arrived in Brazil observed a feast in honor of father’s on March 19. This is the feast of St. Joseph, and it dates back to at least the early 15th century. Spain, Portugal, and Italy continue to celebrate Father’s Day on March 19. 

It is not known exactly why Sylvio Behring and Roberto Marino chose a different date, nor why they had the authority to do so. The theory is that Marino wanted to boost newspaper sales and Behring suggested the feast of Saint Joachim as a marketing ploy. Whether or not this story is true, Father’s Day does happen to be one of the most consumer-driven holidays in Brazil, so perhaps Behring’s tactic worked!

How Do Brazilians Celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day in Brazil is observed in similar fashion to other countries, with the day being dedicated to spending time with loved ones, eating good food, and giving gifts. Children will often prepare a homemade present at school on the Friday before Father’s Day. Written notes of gratitude are also common, as are cartões de Dia dos Pais (greeting cards). Some of the most popular presents include clothing and cologne for Dad. 

If the family is Catholic, they may start the day with Sunday Mass. Then, a special lunch will be prepared, or the family may go to a favorite restaurant. The rest of the day is spent together, doing outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or grilling. 

Like Mother’s Day in Brazil, Father’s Day celebrates multiple generations. Uncles, Grandfather’s, and Great Grandfathers will be included in the festivities. 

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