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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

christmas gifts viewed from above

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family, food, gratitude, and gift-giving are traditions we all look forward to. But sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be a little difficult, if not downright anxiety-inducing. We’ve made it easy for you with our list of unique and beautiful Christmas gift basket ideas, all courtesy of Texas de Brazil!

The Best Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

Artisanal Olive Oil

Tuck a beautiful bottle of Texas de Brazil’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your Christmas gift basket this year. Made from 100% Manzanilla Cacerena olives grown in Extremadura, Spain, this fruity and slightly smoky oil is perfect for cooking or dipping with crusty French bread.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a universal crowd pleaser, and Texas de Brazil has two delectable versions: original and spicy. Both pack a smoky, flavorful punch-perfect for elevated snacking. 

Texas de Brazil original beef jerky in clear packet
TDB Original Beef Jerky 3 oz, $6.00

Spice Rub

Adding to our yummy list of Christmas gift basket ideas is our spicy grilling rub. A delicious blend of earthy spices and a good kiss of heat bring any cut of meat to the next level. It is the very same rub we use on our spicy picanha in the restaurant, so you know it’s good. 

Crossback Apron

For the dedicated chef or grill master, a beautiful and durable apron is in order. Roll up one of our Texas de Brazil aprons  to add to your Christmas gift basket. Crafted by renowned apron makers Hedley & Bennett, the signature crossback style is comfortable and helps the apron stay put for consistent coverage. Even better: it’s machine washable and one size fits all! 

Wine Tumbler

As far as Christmas gift basket ideas go, this one is always a crowd pleaser. Our woodgrain pattern stainless steel wine tumbler is not only gorgeous to look at, but keeps your beverage cold for up to sixteen hours and hot for eight! We can think of a few ways to test this, but we might start with a Brazilian mulled wine, followed by a chilled passion fruit caipirinha. Hey, it’s for science!

Texas de Brazil wine tumbler with wood grain pattern
TDB Wine Tumbler, $21.99

Gaucho Knife

This actually makes for a great gift all on its own, not just as a Christmas gift basket idea. A beautiful carving knife with a 10” stainless steel blade and a genuine leather sheath. Made in Brazil in the authentic facon style, you have your choice of a polished wood handle or a traditional horn style. It is presented in a wooden box for easy wrapping.  

Texas de Brazil gaucho knife in wooden box

TDB Gaucho Knife with wooden handle, $95

Christmas Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with a Texas de Brazil gift card, which can be used at any of our fine dining establishments or for more treats from our online shop. Choose an increment that suits your budget and give the fantastic gift of churrasco this season. To sweeten the deal, we’re giving you a $25 bonus card for every $100 you spend, and a $10 bonus for every $50 you spend on a gift card. 

What About a Christmas Box?

If putting together a Christmas basket isn’t your thing, what about having us put together a box for you? A box of meat, that is. In our online butcher shop, you can choose from hand curated collections or choose your own items a la cart to have delivered to a special someone. Or, send a box to yourself and be the star of Christmas dinner with a roast picanha or perfect rack of lamb. 

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