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Caymus Vineyards & Texas de Brazil

Find a new path this summer with Red Schooner, a red wine all about the thrill of voyage and discovery!

Join us for lunch or dinner and enjoy Red Schooner Voyage 5 and Red Schooner Voyage 6 at a special price brought to you through our partnership with Caymus Vineyards. Please note that this offer is available at most of our locations, where state laws allow it.

A note from Caymus Vineyards -

For more than 40 years, we have been making dark, rich red wine from Napa Valley. We are also avid consumers of diverse wines from around the globe. Red Schooner started with appreciating good Malbec. We considered making this wine from vineyards in Napa Valley, but decided that was not the best path. Instead, we asked: Could we create a wine at Caymus using fruit from another part of the world?

After all, it is now easy to find high-quality fruit at the local grocery store (including grapes), shipped on ocean freighters from thousands of miles away. RED SCHOONER is a “Red Wine of the World,” an experiment made from Mendoza Malbec grapes that are shipped chilled to Napa Valley and produced into wine at Caymus Vineyards.

Our quest began in the Andes Mountains, renowned for intense sunlight and high-altitude viticulture. We ship grapes in a similar way as table grapes, protecting them through delicate care and chilling. “Reverse season” winemaking means that our equipment and tanks no longer gather dust during the 10 months between harvest seasons.

Upon receiving the fruit, we employ slow, delicate fermentation to extract deep color and rich tannins, and then age the wine for 15 months in French oak barrels (50% new), with bottling for the Voyage 5 vintage taking place in June of 2016 and the Voyage 6 vintage taking place in October of 2017.

True to our experiment, the Red Schooner label is highly unusual, with no vintage date, varietal name or grape origin listed. Instead, this wine is known by the voyage from which it traveled. Voyage 5 refers to the 2014 vintage, and Voyage 6 refers to the 2015 vintage.

This wine is a “Caymus style” of Mendoza Malbec- an iron fist in a velvet glove, with rich fine tannin (a Mendoza dust texture) and a refined character. It is unfined and any sediment reflects the rich, natural concentration of abundant quality. 

Picture1 Red Schooner