Health and Safety

heath and safety efforts

Texas de Brazil is committed to keeping its guests and staff
safe by enforcing a new system of increased sanitation efforts
and preventative measures that are in line with CDC standards.
Preventative Measures
in accordance with each state’s current restrictions
Requiring that all guests wear masks while
inside the restaurant – except when seated at
a table
Ensuring that social distancing is able to be
practiced in-store by reducing max occupancy,
emphasizing the need for reservations, and
adding more space between tables
Reducing the number of high contact surfaces
by offering guests digital menus and
removing pre-set table items
Salad area attendants and servers available
to prepare and serve salads and sides for
Optionality for meats to be carved tableside
or served family-style
Increased Sanitation Efforts
All Texas de Brazil staff are temperature
checked and given face masks and gloves
Enhanced routine and scheduled cleanings
(3 times daily) in accordance with CDC
Proper sanitation of all frequently touched
items after each use, such as payment devices
and physical menus
Silverware sanitized and rolled to ensure
only guest interaction
Sanitation stations set up to allow for easy
access to cleaning materials for guests and
staff alike
Texas de Brazil has always adhered to restaurant
health and sanitary regulations and will continue to do so.
If you still have questions regarding health and safety measures at your local
Texas de Brazil, please reach out via our contact us page or social media platforms.